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About Us

SimplexIT was founded by experienced, qualified Hungarian IT experts in order to make the benefits of cloud‐based systems and ICT Outsourcing available for small and medium‐sized businesses. SimplexIT provides a great variety of ICT Outsourcingservices, including the complete or partial outsourcing of corporate IT.

Our mission

We believe that IT needs to be some kind of "public utility", as a service, like any other with high reliability, proper performance and predictable costs. By our solutions – the key players of the growing Hungarian economy – the small and medium sized enterprises (SME) can have the same level and quality of IT support as large multinational companies.

Our solutions

Convenient and easy to use IT is important for all business and organization. Did you know that you can have high quality business services on low price or even without investment? Our solutions are enterprise-class, high-availability IT systems, whether you want cloud-based system or local infrastructure.

Provision and operation of cloud‐based server infrastructure

One of our main services is 24/7 distant monitoring and SLA‐based management of hosted physical/virtual machines or cloud‐based machines.


By using monitoring systems we get a real time status report about feature‐threatening events,

Backup and archiving

Our server based solutions include backups of file systems, databases and of virtual machines 3x daily, weekly and monthly.

Network operation

Our service includes complete management of corporate internal, fixed or wireless networks between sites.

Redundant Internet lines

By now dependence on the internet is indisputable whether we are talking about online applications, postal services or connections between the networks of sites.

VPN access

The remote users can securely access the LAN and resources on it through the central VPN server.

VoIP Phone Systems

Regarding VoIP telecommunication services we recommend the services of our featured partner, Opennetworks Kft. The added value of SimplexIT is setting up and operating a virtual call center/PBX – whether through local implementation...

Desktop operation

Services we offer are full‐scale operation of PCs, notebooks and their peripheral elements. Within the framework of our managed services we provide installation of necessary manufacturer software updates of the operation system.

Customer service

Our 24/7 Customer Service offers assistance in English and Hungarian. Our service can be reached on our hotline, via email or through online registration on our portal.


Our basic services include surveillance and proactive incident management of anti‐virus, worm, spy and spam products, as well as operating internet operation and border security devices, firewalls, proxies, IDS / IPS systems.

Technical consultation

Our engineers have substantial experience in designing, implementing and developing highly reliable systems. Their special field of expertise is the cloud transformation of on premise systems during which the infrastructure and the...

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most important for us. We have implemented an integrated customer satisfaction module into our customer service portal, to constantly measure customer satisfaction. So we can be sure that we are providing...


Our key partners

Our partners are the largest hardware and software vendors in the IT Industry. We are having them close by in order to be always up to date with the most recent IT standards. So we are always prepared for the tomorrow.

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    Managed Office 365 account
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    Managed Google Apps account


Thank you for your responsive, agile work within and outside of the business hours, and also for your problem-solving mindset. Thanks for the full effort on support, while offering different scenarios for the customer and always advising the most optimal version. Keep it up guys! :) Rucska Diána Avalon Car(e) Services Kft.



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